Featured image of post Hej! A jorney to Sweden

Hej! A jorney to Sweden

Hej! Sweden is full of beautiful lakes and woods


Greetings from Sweden. I have been at the HESS Collaboration meeting last week, presenting the current status of my PhD thesis, meeting important people and discussing about the future of the HESS experiment.

I’m now one week in Sweden and I don’t have seen any meatballs yet :-/

And still lots of things to discover.


The Scandinavian people are kind, but also relatively closed. It is not usual to greet anyone on the road, and if you look around there is no one responding your look. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s the way the people are here. Yet they are very friendly once the ice is broken.

The animals here are very trusting, as you can see in the following pictures

Bird You friend?

Duck You friend??

Group of ducks, contemplating doom They are certainly planning something!

!Växjö from the lake. Nice!

The collaboration meeting is over, and I’m now heading towards Stockholm, spending some more days here in Sweden. This time not for work, but I’m curious about the country and it’s inhabitants …

Stay in touch, I hope I will have a great time there