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In Summer 2021 we did a awesome trip to Sweden with a rental motorhome. This is part of a series of blog posts of this amazing trip, where I want to share some of our memories and photos, and give you some travel suggestions and some planning tips for the ones who want to do the same.

After a long day of driving we sped a day to visit the beautiful city of Stockholm. We spend the night on the camping spot of BredÀng, a highly frequented touristic camping place in the suburbs of Stockholm.


This is my second time in Stockholm, after visiting this city already in April 2016. Back then I knew this city will see me again because it has so much to offer and to see. Because of this we dedicated a full day to visit the city.

Gamla Stan

Stockholm is a walkable and enjoyable city, where you can get easily around by foot. Long distances can be covered by the excellent metro and ferry network. From the camping side we took the T13 line to Gamla stan, the old town (gamla: old, stan: city) and explored the inner part of the city on foot. Honestly, one day is way too little. Last time I spend a whole day in the museum district, and I was far from seeing everything. This time we focused on the old city and some landmarks nearby because it’s really a beautiful place to be.

In the morning the old town was practically empty. I presume the ongoing corona pandemic was also a reason, but I cannot imagine this place every being so empty again - See for yourself in the picture below. Also don’t get fooled, after 10:00 the place was living and flooded with hoards people walking through the place.

Almost empty old town Promenade Fishy fishy View at the water from the island

In the old town there are three awesome places that are worth noting here: The Nobel museum (I was there also the last time), the science fiction bokhandeln and the cardamon knots at one of the many bakeries in the city center, next to a coffee so you get enough energy to get through the day. The combination of cardamon pastry and coffee is exquisite and something I brought home into our kitchen as well. Yummy indeed!

Science fiction book store Cinnamon and caradmon knots (kanelknuter)

Rosendals TrÀdgÄrdskafé

For lunch we were walking to Rosendals TrĂ€dgĂ„rdskafĂ©, one of my all time favourite places ever. This place is so amazing, that it got it’s own blog post even during the trip, so go there to check it out. I just say that the combination of a cafe and a garden is a splendid idea and it attracts many local people on a sunny day, as we had it.

Rosendals TrĂ€dgĂ„rdskafĂ© is in the middle of the museum island, and therefore a bit remote for reaching anything else. We decided to take the ferry back to the old town, because we were a bit tired at this place and because it’s anyways nice to get another view at the city from the waterways. The rest of the day we spend strolling around the shops in old town, before we took the metro back to the camping spot to prepare for leaving and driving to the next spot.

This was just a quick overview about all the things we saw and visited. Don’t get fooled - there is a lot more to see than I just write casually down here - we also visited the church, the royal palace (including the changing of the guards), the fish in the sea (an art project for climate change or something I suppose?), many small shops and places, a nice walk alongside the water, a quick look into the museum district but just a walk through, and and and. Stockholm also got it’s own photo album on my lychee instance, take this as a place for inspiration.

Next step: Oxelösund

This step was the farthest North that we made it during this trip. Now we are heading South along the cost of the Baltic sea. The next stop is a inconspicuous parking spot in Oxelösund, but more about that in the next post. For now, let’s enjoy the last look at the Kastellet on Kastellholmen. From the ferry one has a nice view on this one and I imagine it being also an interesting location for exploring (and one or two geocaches).

Kastellet on Kastellholmen

Until next time. Cheers.