Featured image of post Kayaktour: De Kortenhoefse Plassen

Kayaktour: De Kortenhoefse Plassen

Today we did our second Kayaktour in the Netherlands - around the De Kortenhoefse Plassen in a most amazing nature area.

Tour data

Length: ~10km
Duration: 2-3h
Difficulty: Easy going
Type: Kayak hike
Download: gpx

If you search for a nice and relaxing tour in the heart of a nature area, then you will not be disappointing. I found the amount of waterbirds very appealing and some parts of the route go through quiet narrow channels that are just beautiful. Wave at the hikers, who look envy at you 🙂

There are many resting points around the route, I placed them in the gpx file for your convenience. This is a well maintained nature area, please be kind by taking care of the environment and do not leave trash behind (should be common sense).

Clear recommendation, it is a super nice tour if you like to go on a canoe hike tour.