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Sweden is a most beautiful Scandinavian country that never stops to amaze me with their landscape and outdoor possibilities. I visited Sweden twice until now, and am sure, this number will increase further.

My first time was after the 2016 HESS Collaboration Spring meeting, when I took a week off and traveled from Vaxjö to Stockholm, then to Malmø and Copenhagen. This was the time where I fell in love with Sweden. Quiet busy for a week, filled with lots of impression, kind of familiar landscapes, birch forests, fish and a cold day at the beach in April. I wrote three posts back then:

The second time was an amazing trip with a motorhome in 2021, which ended up in a series of blog posts and recommendations for people who plan to do the same.

I also have a dedicated Sweden 2021 photoalbum on my lychee instance.

Out motorhome on our Sweden 2021 trip

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Checkout the Sweden tag of this blog as well for some more unmarked but browsable goodies about one of the most amazing countries in the world.

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